Curvy’s Closet

For anyone who missed it the first time, we all know that it is almost impossible to find good Fetish Wear locally. Online orders are often not sized correctly or impossible to return. We all have a lot of things that have never been worn, or worn only a few times. Curvy’s Closet is a kinky tag sale sponsored by the TRC submissive round table group to raise money to help support the club and to allow us all to expand our wardrobes!

This is how it works… We will be accepting donations of new or lightly used fetish, club or fantasy clothes, corsets and accessories, as well as jewelry and shoes. Anyone donating items will get a five dollar credit for each piece donated, up to $20. The day of the sale most pieces will be priced at $5, $10, or $15 dollars. There may be a few pricier items and there will be a $1 pile for small things like fishnet stockings, etc. There will be an area to try things on and mirrors to see how hot you look. Donations will be accepted at all parties and SIG events between now and the sale. We will also accept donations at the beginning of the evening before the sale starts. We will have a list to track your credits.

Last year I got a lot of requests for plus-size items and menswear. Remember everything for sale is donated. If you have clothing that you no longer wear in either of these categories please consider donating them. The more people who donate, the broader range of clothing we will have. Last year there was a pretty wide range of items for sale.

The night of the event, the doors open at 7. We will accept last minute donations until 8 when the sale begins. Arrive early to look things over! Last year was a blast. Everyone found fantastic, well-priced clothing and supported their local club at the same time. Costumers should also plan to attend. There will be lots of great things that can be easily repurposed.

So look through your stuff. Do you have corsets that are too big or too small, a dress or pants that never fit properly? Things you just don’t wear anymore? Donate them to TRC and let them find a new home. Then come to the sale and find something new and fabulous for yourself. Do good, look great, support your community and watch pretty girls and boys try on clothes. Win, win, win!

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