Service Dates with Writergirl

A lot of folks are under the misconception that one must be in a committed relationship to provide service. That’s no more true than the idea that one needs to be in a committed relationship in order to be flogged. A service date is just like a regular play date, except instead of S&M or rope or whatever, the date is about service. This strikes a lot of people as an epiphany, that we can do this. But we can. And it can be very good for us, particularly for single folks or those in long distance relationships.

This class is aimed at getting people out of the thinking that service and d/s can’t be a play date or that it can only possibly be done with someone with whom you’re in a long-term or otherwise committed relationship. It doesn’t have to mean anything beyond the play date itself, just like S&M play doesn’t have to mean anything beyond the play date. Everyone can go back to goofing off, being friends and continuing whatever day to day relationship they have.

We’ll go over how to find someone who is interested in service, what things to consider when negotiating a service date, as well as different ways service can be done and disconnecting after the service date.

Trinity is a published author and kink educator living in Atlanta, GA. She has been involved with the lifestyle in some capacity since 1993, having been drawn primarily by the mental, d/s side of things. She identifies as poly, is married, and is the s-type in a M/s relationship separate from her husband. She’s taught on kink-related topics across the Southeast at local groups, dungeons, and major events in Atlanta, GA, Nashville, TN, Tampa, FL, Baton Rouge, LA, as well as Alabama and North and South Carolina. You can find her at and you can check out her books at

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